Medicine and the Internet


We all wish that we had free medical care out there somewhere somehow. Bring one person forward who would like to say “Yah, I don’t mind paying for medicine” and I would find that hard to believe.

When President Obama announced his health care bill which would later be deemed “Obamacare”, many people frolicked at the idea that so many unfortunate people who needed healthcare would receive it. However the idea that this would have been a system without flaw is a bit of a fevered dream.

First off the bill was and is incredibly complex, with things such as how they would levee certain taxes, even one where “Indoor tanning salons [would] charge customers a 10 percent tax” (Health-Care Changes to Start Taking Effect This Year (Correct), Shannon Pettypiece & Alex Nussbaum). What is even weirder is that the bill has left about 26 million people without the insurance that the bill originally promised. So even with a bill based around giving everyone an equal chance at healthcare, many are left without it.

This brings me to a one David Price, who after biking in Texas became injured after his bikes gears jammed on his way down a hill. David racked up a hospital bill of about $69,000, and with David being employed as a freelance editor this kind of hospital bill was more than he could he afford. If you want to read the article that has an interview with him click here, (note: includes graphic photos of his face after the crash).


Enter, a site that works much like, in that it has people ask for money within a certain timeframe and hopes that people can give enough money and reach the goal. The difference between this site and Kickstarter is that the site’s only purpose is to help people fund their medical treatments, whether it is with David and his accident or to help someone with gaining enough money for a life saving procedure.


So what can this mean? Well much like how Kickstarter showed us that you didn’t need some big investor to get your dream off the ground or perhaps sell yourself to a large company, YouCaring could perhaps change how we pay for medical treatment. In concept it may not be that different than health care. In both cases its large numbers of people paying money so that others have a chance to pay for treatments they otherwise could not afford. The difference being that it cuts off the bureaucracy of the government and makes it so that all the money goes straight to people who need it. No need to pay for a lot of middlemen or employs with training to distribute the money since you distribute the money. So much with how Kickstarter made it so that you could gain financing for a project without needing to go through a big firm, YouCaring may be the start to people being able to pay for medical care through other caring citizens.


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