Moving Hollywood Finance

ImageA many a time have I sat down with my little brother and discussed the money that circulates through Hollywood. He finds that since a good amount of the companies spend multi-millions of dollars on movies that will make them multi-millions of dollars this gives him the go ahead to pirate movies. I stand against him acknowledging the amount of money going through Hollywood but I feel that you have to keep in mind that you may encourage others to begin pirating lower budget movies that individual filmmakers have crafted.

Then I came across this Kickstarter that was started by former Scrubs actor Zach Braff to produce his second movie. Now many know Braff as being the charming face of the show with his doctor character J.D. Not so long ago Braff made his own movie called “Garden State“, a movie directed and written by Braff himself. Image This next movie, “Wish I Were Here”, already has reached its goal. As Braff puts it in his video describing why he is asking of the community to contribute to his film, he wrote the film the way he likes it and doesn’t want any company, though willing to finance the film, to have final cut. This means that they would change the characters personalities or make the characters into what they wanted instead of Braff’s vision.

An article by Luke Buckmaster talks about how some criticized not just Braff but also the Kickstarter that inspired him, Veronica Mars, on how rich people should not have to ask for money. This form of finance is opening up a whole new way that people will be able to make movie. In the past the movie making process required many parties and lots of negotiating because of the money required. These new film makers are developing a new form of movie making were the writer and director have more freedom, as long as they have the backing of their fans.


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