Consume What You Want to Be

ImageSocial networks have always asked questions such as ‘what is your favorite band’ or ‘who is your favorite actor’. These questions help to shape your profile and give people things, people and entertainment that you identify with. When someone first friends you, they might take a peak at your profile and see you enjoy a certain movie. How much you enjoy that movie is based on your own personal taste. However people do not have insight into what your personal taste is, so though you might of found a particular film intriguing, it might not make you’re a full fledged fan of the movie.

While reading Hugo Liu’s “Social Networks as Taste Performances”, a thought came up when I came across the line “One is what one eats; or rather one is what one consumes.” (Social Networks as Taste Performances, Hugo Liu, pg 252). It speaks to truth that this relates to the old adage that whatever you may eat defines you as a person. Liu however moved this old adage over to the modern era and used it with out obsession with social networking sites.Image

These profiles we create for the social networks ask us to divulge information that helps to create a persona online. However, since we do not have the luxury of meeting with people online and giving them a benefit of meeting with us face to face, it can create some false expectations of people.

Some of the information could be outdated or could be somewhat inaccurate based on individual perception. So even if you said you liked an action movie three years ago, you might of outgrown and become tired with the genre since then, but because it is still in the list of movies you like, you could create a false pretense of being generally interested in that genre of movie that no longer interests you.

So if it is true that what we consume can define us, it may also be true that whatever is in our history or what people perceive we like can also define us by other individuals.


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