VICE and Modern News


I’m sitting in my room with a friend of mine, we have just watched a short fifteen minute piece on the relations of Pakistan and India. We sit there shocked by the scale of the conflict, something that we knew little about, afterwards discussing what could and will happen for at least an hour. Each week we see a new edition of this series and each week we end up much the same, talking about these shocking topics that we were introduced to by VICE

When people think of modern news they associate with major newspapers and broadcasting stations such as The New York Times or the Boston Globe. However, recently I have been visiting a site that I discovered because of a new series I have been watching called VICE. Now the series VICE is on HBO so not everyone will have access to it, but their website is more than accessible to any and everyone. The site caught my attention with its interesting stories but also with its colorful and captivating pictures that dot the site when you first enter in the internet address. This is a site that prides itself on being different than other news outlets.French Military in Mali

The website itself covers a wide range of topics of both domestic and international. From war torn Mali and the French liberation and military operations to the recent Boston Bombing and Reddit’s involvement with catching the bombers. The site also explores music and pop culture, and even has a NSFW (not safe for work) section that lives up to its name.


So how is VICE different than other outlets? The first reason is that it is very honest, but that is a statement that any news outlet can make. The reason I add the very in there is because the website has addressed very graphic and very controversial topics while getting interviews with people involved with the topic. For example, when watching the HBO VICE, the show covered how the Taliban had been using and manipulating children into carrying bombs for them. After interviewing some of these children who had turned themselves in the group went and gained a rare interview with a high ranking Taliban leader to get the Taliban’s perspective on suicide bombings.

Another reason this group is different is that it is a mix of a newspaper and something else. The stories on the main page of the website are up to date with new stories everyday. Yet with its very up to date format, and though the site comes from a magazine, the site much like newspapers gain their profits from advertisement. VICE is a group that concentrates on Immersion Journalism, or in other words a sort of journalism that concentrates on individual experiences concerning an event, creating a much more personal view of events.

VICE, though similar in some ways to other forms of journalism, has strived to stay away from typical large corporation based media and moves to become more invested with serious topics that do not come up with large more well known news groups.


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