Survivor and the spoiler hierarchy

This photo helps to show the flow of a collective intelligence

After reading Jenkins’ Spoiling Survivor: The Anatomy of a Knowledge Community, a thought came to mind. Though in recent years with the rise of websites and groups that pride themselves as being spoilers, or in other words, people who go out of their way to analyze their favorite medium in order to figure out information that has yet to be disclosed, there has arisen a problem. With the rise of spoilers you see the sprouting of a new concept, the collective intelligence, of where there is a sense of power among those with certain caches of knowledge or who converse with others who have these stores of knowledge. As it is noted in the article, Pierre Lévy has argued that “No one knows everything, everyone knows something, all knowledge resides in humanity.” (Spoiling Survivor, Jenkins, pg 26-27). This idea is that though people have access to all of knowledge, there are people who have claim on certain knowledge. What I am trying to say is that since no one person has knowledge of everything, this means that certain people have certain information that others do not, though we all have access to it. As later noted in the article there is a hierarchy within this collective intelligence or Brain Trusts which Jenkins asks to be though of “as secret societies or private clubs, whose members are handpicked based on their skills and track records.” (Spoiling Survivor, Jenkins, pg 38). These brain trusts check their information behind closed doors which is argued to be a way to protect their privacy in order to achieve the highest accuracy of predictions or information. However this can cause a divide between these higher up spoilers and the general public. This idea being that though we have this chance of creating a more equal democracy we still face the issues of putting some above others with a hierarchical system.

A great example of this collective intelligence in recent media is with the ending of the popular video game, Bioshock: Infinite. The ending was heavily reviewed over by dozens of players of the game, with many of them submitting graphs and timelines to help people who may have been confused understand the games complex ending. Here is an example of one such flowchart, warning, SPOILER ALERT.


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